Sprout School

Sprout School is for every Sprout Studio user – whether you're new and just trying to learn the ropes, or whether you've been using Sprout for a while and want to dive in deeper.  This course will guide you through getting fully set up with Sprout Studio. To help you maximize all the benefits Sprout offers – making more money, giving your clients an awesome experience, saving yourself time, and getting organized.
Welcome to Sprout School
Stay Organized
Run your entire business in one place with Sprout Studio. Your inquiries, clients, invoices, contracts, galleries, expenses, design proofs, and more are all together. You can save time, keep organized, and streamline your workflow.

In this branch of Sprout School, you'll learn how to get all set up and use all of the foundational tools within Sprout Studio so you can get and stay organized!

Adding a Lead
Sending an Email
Creating an invoice
Syncing your calendar
Transitioning your clients
Tracking expenses and mileage
Look Good
Give your clients an amazing experience. With Sprout Studio, you can keep them organized, look great, and put your best foot forward!

In this branch of Sprout School, you'll learn how to set up all the “pretty” parts of Sprout so that your clients get a beautiful experience with you and with your photography.

Setting up proofing galleries
Booking a client
Viewing the client portal
Publishing a booking page
Sending an email marketing campaign
Get Clarity
Avoid confusion, push vagueness aside, and get clear with your clients. With Sprout Studio, you have all the tools you need to make sure you and your clients are on the same page.

In this branch of Sprout School, you'll learn how to set up Sprout so that you have complete clarity in your customer communications and client experience.
Getting client feedback on book designs
Sending your client a questionnaire
Save Time
With Sprout Studio, you have best-in-class productivity tools at your fingertips at every turn. Save time, get more done faster, and get back to doing what you love – photography.

In this branch of Sprout School, you'll learn how to set up all of the productivity tools of Sprout Studio so you can save time and have your business running on auto-pilot.

Letting clients schedule time on your calendar
Automating your client workflow
Setting up automatic follow-ups and reminders for your clients
Feel Confident
Sprout Studio is built for photographers, by photographers. We've been where you are, and know what it's like to run a photography business. We built proven business principles into every fiber of Sprout Studio. By using Sprout Studio, you adapt those fundamentals and can feel confident that you're putting your best foot forward.

In this branch of Sprout School, you'll learn all about the reports and analytics in Sprout Studio and how “knowledge is power” in your business.

Intro to reports
Business Health
Sales Analytics Report
Booking Trend Report
Performance Metrics Report
Contact Analytics Report
Income Report
Expense Report
General Ledger
Sales Tax Report
Get Flexible
With Sprout Studio, you have complete flexibility. You can set it up to work exactly the way you need it to work for you in your business.

In this branch of Sprout School, you'll learn how to set up Sprout to work for you if you and your team with multiple people and multiple brands.
Adding additional brands
Setting up additional users on your account