1. Intro to Sprout School

Meet Bryan Caporicci, your Sprout School guide. In this video, Bryan explains what Sprout Studio can do for your photography business! 

Sprout helps you...
  • Have a consistent brand
  • Maintain great client communications
  • Know what to focus on
  • Streamline the "business stuff"
  • Keep everything in one place so nothing falls through the cracks

But... there is a learning curve. Think of the first time you opened Photoshop and how you've mastered the program since then! Similarly, Sprout Studio is a big tool that can make a BIG impact!

Sprout School helps you take it one step at a time. So let's get started...

What to expect:
  • Modules: Contains a series of lessons all pertaining to the same overall subject matter.
  • Lessons: An independent video within a module that focuses on a specific feature of Sprout Studio.
  • Checklists: A series of practice tasks to follow along with as you go through Sprout School. Available in Modules 2-6.

We ran the numbers and identified what features in Sprout Studio increase business success across our users long-term...

The 7 Keys to Success in Sprout School:
  1. Add a Payment Processor
  2. Set-up Taxes for clients
  3. Create a Questionnaire 
  4. Build a Package in your Price Lists
  5. Utilize an Email Template
  6. Add your first Lead
  7. Add a Booking Proposal Template (Pro and Studio Plan users only)

**Users who complete these 7 steps are 5x more likely to find success in their photography business while utilizing Sprout Studio**

Front-end: refers to what your clients see.
Back-end: refers to what you see.